Our New Book is Here!

Academic Libraries for Commuter Students We’re delighted to share the news that our new book was just published by the American Library Association: Academic Libraries for Commuter Students: Research-Based Strategies. It’s available directly from the publisher ALA Editions (among other vendors), and you can take a look at the book’s Chapter 1 and Index on the ALA website as well.

This edited volume brings brings together research by librarians and academics at public community and baccalaureate colleges and universities from across the U.S., commuter institutions and those with both commuter and residential populations. It’s been amazing to work with our talented contributors, all doing terrific work with and in support of commuter students in their libraries and institutions.

The Table of Contents is below, and there’s a press release from ALA as well. We’d love to hear your feedback, feel free to get in touch!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Situating Commuter Undergraduates
Maura A. Smale and Mariana Regalado

Chapter 2 Commuter Campus in Transition: Meeting the Changing Needs of Students through Mixed-Methods Assessment
M. Sara Lowe, Willie Miller, and Paul Moffett

Chapter 3 Making Space in the Library for Student-Parents
Donna M. Lanclos and Rachael Winterling

Chapter 4 Beyond the Bubble: Undergraduate Commutes and the Library at a Flagship Public University
Juliann Couture

Chapter 5 A Decade of Research at Urban Commuter Colleges
Jean Amaral, Mariana Regalado, and Maura A. Smale

Chapter 6 “I Study in My Car:” Exploring the Study Habits of California Community College Commuter Students
Brian Greene and Elizabeth Horan

Chapter 7 Making the Library Work for Community College Commuters: The Case of Montgomery College
Tanner Wray and Nancy Fried Foster

Chapter 8 Library Instruction and Academic Success: The Impact of Student Engagement
Ted Chodock

Chapter 9 Lessons Learned from Our Commuter Students
Mariana Regalado and Maura A. Smale

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