Academic Libraries for Commuter Students Now Available OA!

We’re delighted to share that our 2018 edited book Academic Libraries for Commuter Students: Research-Based Strategies is now available open access!

Many, many thanks to our contributors, we’re delighted to share their good work.

Here’s the abstract for the volume, and you can check out the table of contents on our Books page:

This volume brings together research from multiple perspectives on the experiences of commuter college students in academic libraries. The majority of American college students are commuters and are more likely than residential students to have responsibilities apart from their roles on campus; the commute itself may impact the student experience. Each chapter is a case study of research on serving commuter students at a particular institution, encompassing a detailed description of the research methods used, analysis of what was learned during the research, and specific interventions or changes made in library services, resources, or facilities as a result. Taking into account the lived experiences of commuter students at our institutions can enable librarians to design and develop services, resources, and facilities to best meet the needs of these students. Included research protocols will allow readers to consider using the methods for research at their own library.

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