Fall Conference Talks and Slides

We had a great time presenting at two conferences this semester, and are delighted to share our slides and speaking notes with you.

First up was the Library Assessment Conference in November, where we presented A Day in the Life: Practical Strategies for Understanding Student Space-Use Practices with Andrew Asher, Jean Amaral, Juliann Couture, Sara Lowe, Donna Lanclos, and Barbara Fister. This link is to our slides — the paper will be published in the conference proceedings soon, and we’ll post a link when it is.

Just last week we presented at the CUNY IT Conference on our research from 2009-2011 and 2015-2016 on students’ use of technology for their academic work. We’ve posted here both the slides and the notes from our talk.

We had a terrific time at both presentations, many thanks to all who came and asked so many great questions!

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