Preliminary Report: 2009-2010 Fieldwork

We’ve finished putting together a preliminary report of the data we gathered last year at our 2009-2010 research sites (City Tech and Brooklyn College). This report presents an initial description and analysis of the data organized by interview type and by broad theme. We’re continuing to interview students and faculty this year, and plan to undertake a more detailed analysis and examination of patterns in student scholarly habits once we’ve completed data collection.

Download: The Scholarly Habits of Undergraduates at CUNY: Preliminary Report (PDF)

3 thoughts on “Preliminary Report: 2009-2010 Fieldwork

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  2. Thanks Allie! Yes, it’s definitely long: we have so much great data that it can be hard to edit ourselves. πŸ™‚

    We did mention the opportunity for self-reflection as a benefit of the study on our IRB application, but it’s so gratifying that many of the students we interviewed genuinely seemed to value that opportunity.

    I love the photos and drawings, too. The images from this year’s fieldwork are even better: at the (fantastic) suggestion of Alycia Sellie we’ve asked students to draw their own maps rather than trace campus maps. We’ll share them as soon as we have a chance to get them scanned in — they’re fascinating.

  3. I skimmed through the report (so long!) so I only gleaned bits and pieces of information. I loved all the photos and drawings! Very cool. Did you anticipate that this study would cause students to reflect on (and maybe alter) their own study habits? (“Well, I mean, one of the things I could do is be more efficient; make a priority of the things that are important, and what is useful in your time.”)

    It was surprising to learn that some students handwrite their papers before typing them up. The student quoted is onto something: “When you write it down, you might not like that idea right now and you cross it out, then later you might go back to it; it’s still there so you can still see that idea.” I’ve never looked at it like that.

    This project is so interesting! I can’t wait to read more about it and see the finished result πŸ™‚

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